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Owner and lord high chancellor of the borough known as quiteenjoy. Loves fishing, hedge trimming, football and none of the above.
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What Andrew is listening to…

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Music. Don’t you just love it? Same. Can’t get enough of the stuff.

I was in the middle of cleaning my upstairs (not a euphemism) and have been asked to …
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Marvels of the modern age

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There are many achievements that the human race can be proud to have acomplished- Fire, the wheel, electricity, indian takeaways, the girls from hollyoaks- the list goes on. …
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The toss up between lunch and hunger

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As I sit here writing this my stomach and brain are fighting each other with conflicted messages. – Stomachs position on the situation is clear and precise…”Im Hungry, give me …
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1, 2, 1, 2… this is just a test

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I like this y’know: – I like it alot

And so another year begins

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What could possibly usher in a new year better than a new website? I’ll tell you what..Cash…Thats what