Day Break getting it wrong
8 years ago

Day Break getting it wrong

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It’s takes many lazy eyes to miss an error like this. This morning ITV’s breakfast show “Day Break” was an hour behind real time- if you note …
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Funny looking hedgehog

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Well someone needs to brush up on their cartoons and video games. Here is a piece from the metro where Will iam hides behind a lovely picture of Sonic …
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Now available in Uganda…and ONLY Uganda

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Seems that since we have re-newed the podcast feed we have been selected by iTunes to be exclusively available in Uganda. At least that’s what the web link would have …
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Horrific Muppets

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Sky’s Anytime + categories leave a bit to be desired. Either that or this is the lesser known horror movie: Muppets Christmas Carnage. Banned in most countries.

Uncomfortable pause anyone?

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Yep. If I’d just seen that Miranda trailer I’d be stunned too.