Thumb-s up.

Ever wondered what some cabin dwelling hermit in Quebec thinks of that dress your wearing? Or if a spinster cat woman would eat that nine day old pasta? Well now …
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App Review: Ikea

This review, that I stumbled across in the iPhone app store, perfectly sums up this incredible app from Ikea.

App of the Week – Reach Stats

This cracking little app will give you just about all the info you could ask for on your Halo Reach career.

Pros: Up to date information Multiple gamer-tag tracking …
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Review-an-app : Argos

Decided to spark up a new section of the site since I have realised the reviews on the app store are a gold mine waiting to be mined. Here is …
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Couldn’t agree more

Well I just stumbled upon this absolutely genius review from the app store. This review is for the “Find my iPhone” app…more than that I cannot tell you- read for …
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