The cat what has facial hair

CHRIST! It’s been like a year, or more. Hasnt it? Sorry, don’t know what happened there – must have been a bad sandwitch; Anyway, I’m back. Without further ado may i distract your eyeballs with something odd yet strangely compelling.

This is from the old days of the internet, where it was all chatrooms and flash animations. This one flash animation was brought to my attention at around the same time as Arfenhouse (see previous year) and I must say it’s aged like fine wine. It’s nuanced script and culturaly diverse characters make for a spectacle that is really more at home on a west eend stage than it is in a tiny window on you tube. But enough of my waffle, you should just watch, but rememebr; this is no longer elegable for the Bafts / oscars / emmys etc so please stop houding them on my behalf telling them that they absolulty must award this something!

I’d like to also just leave a little link to Murderfoot’s page to give him the credit where it is due for creating Beebo