STOP! Return home immediately!

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I was on my way to work this morning (as I often do on a weekday) when I noticed some rather wordy posters glued to the wall along Piccadilly Circus. …
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Charlie the Unicorn
13 years ago

Charlie the Unicorn

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Mental, yet brilliant. 56 Million viewers can’t be wrong! Unless its the viewing figures for Big Brother in which case it is very, very wrong.


When this baby hits 88 MPH…

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…your going to see some serious shit.

Damn straight because tonight is the night that I get to see the Doc himself on the big screen. It’s been many …
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And so it is OS4…and what have you done?

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And yay apple did release iPhones 4th OS, and there was much rejoicing. After trying quite un successfully to update my own iPhone software last night I have finally had …
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