Podcast-16 : the sequel.

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Well I guess we’re a lot like busses… We’re bigger than we should be, slightly too red for my liking, expel noxious gasses and are late beyond reason.


You …
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Watch New Girl

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…and maybe this might actually happen.

Future echoes…

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Since we were taken over the Japanese, my life has become very annoying. I need to live in the United Kingdom is no longer. I save all my money is …
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You know you’re in trouble when even photoshop can’t disguise that your sandwich is nothing but grease and gristle.

Mac Donalds seem to have gone down the minimalist advertising …
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Playlistings #01

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Eh’up cockers. I have been making a few playlists here and there, but hadn’t thought to post ’em onto QE until Brownmoore suggested it. Check ’em all out by …
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