Monday, July 15, 2024
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Going it alone…

Right then.

It’s getting dangerously stark over here in my section of quiteenjoy, isn’t it?

Haven’t posted anything for a while… and it isn’t like I have been off having grand adventures or anything. It basically comes down to laziness, doesn’t it?

So, with the announcement from Brownmoore (you all know his name has changed, right?) that he will be teaming up with some of the guys over at Geek & Spell to cover the games end of things, I thought that maybe I should be heading up the music department. Then I remembered that we didn’t have a music department. So I am making one. It will start with a podcast and we’ll go from there, okay?

So, I would like to announce the impending arrival of the 2nd quiteenjoy podcast or QE2 which will have a slightly more melodic bent to it and will be almost entirely unrecognisable from the original podcast which is on a slight hiatus right now whilst we work out the logistics of life in committed relationships, geographically mismatched locations and temporary offspring relocation scheduling conflictions.

Stay tuned to this spot over the next few days for episode one of QE2 and then we’ll see how we all feel afterwards, shall we?


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