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Most Evil Christmas Toys #1

Milky is your ‘real’, adorable, snow white bunny. He moves his eyes, nose, ears and feet, and makes real sounds. He has ticklish feet! He really chews his carrot. He gets scared and his ears tremble. He falls asleep, hear his little snores!

I can’t say that the product description really supports the product here. I think I would have written something a little more along these lines:

“Milky is a bunny that would rather eat your soul than another carrot. Look into his cold dead eyes and see the monster inside. If you want to give you’re children tangible reason to fear the “monster under their bed” then grab yourself a milky and start scarring your child’s dreams today. Warning may also consume small family pets.”

I mean look at it! Not one picture makes it look even the slightest bit endearing!

They couldn't even fit the damn thing in the box! Ive never seen a toy "slouching" in its own packaging. This thing looks as it it doesn't give a shit if you buy it or not.
The eyes of the devil.


Would you buy one of these for your kids this christmas? I know i won’t, because I, like most, prefer to EAT christmas dinner…not BE it.

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