Believe me when I say that in the grand scheme of things; you have done nothing with your life.

Not that I have anything to shout about either… we are all in this predicament. It’s not for want of trying either, we’ve all kissed another human being (I hope), eaten a few really good meals, been to a gig, got drunk, thrown up, embarrassed ourselves in front of a large number of our peers, stood motionless in the rain feeling alive, ran so fast our lungs felt like they were going to burst, abused a sibling, wet the bed, picked our nose, rubbed one out, hid the evidence, guiltily sang along to ‘It’s Raining Men’, dreamed of flying like a bird, stolen at least one item & imagined explicit sexual discourse with at least one public figure of a questionable moral disposition…

but none of us look like this guy:

Now he’s LIVED.


– Jenkins