Was that 2010 then? Huh, that was quick, oh well- hello 2011, do come in, take a seat remove your shoes and get settled in for the long run. You’ve got a bit of a mess to clear up I’m afraid after what 2010 did with the place- see all these leaves and drizzle? Well we’d like that all gone by the end of February please. Oh and if there are any plans for snow in the near future you can @&!k right off. It didn’t do any good for your predecessor and it won’t make people look to favourably on you either. As for the rest of the year just try and stick to the conventional seasonal calendar if you would. 2010 tried to mix the seasons up and it all went a bit wrong. The usual Spring Summer Autumn Winter will do just fine. As for any other matters please speak to me again on the 2nd when my head has cleared and I’ve finished the marathon peep show session.