So it’s no secret that we enjoy a spot of death when the sun goes down. Before you all go running to the police let me clarify- this is pure digital death…tasty, tasty death. We play halo like other people drink water…orally…?
We make a few of our own custom levels and game variants that I thought we’d begin to share with the world. First up this week is the game variant “shagbandits” and it’s load out version “shag bandit reach around”. A colourful name for what is essentially “slayer” with random weapons every time you spawn. Seems to do the trick for us, we’ve enjoyed playing it since halo 2. 5 people have already downloaded it on the halo file share- god knows how they found it- but if you fancy it, you can find it here.

Download shagbandits

Download shagbandit reach around

If your on the old box of X of an evening then you may well see us. Then you’ll die.
…kinda like the ring.