Time, once again, to celebrate a wonderful holiday given to us by those selfless people at hallmark- thats right ladies and gentlemen- Happy valentines day! A wonderful day of being guilted into booking a table at the most expensive restaurant in town- where they have doubled their prices and halved their menu just for this one special day. A day where you buy a single rose for the price of renting an allotment for a month. A day where you buy that special someone in your life something that they will use / wear / burn for that one day then never look at again. My wife and I have a wonderful plan for this day…we’re going to make pizza. Thats right, just like any other day, and later I may play Bioshock 2. The possibilities are endless with valentines day- so fire up your own cupids bow and hit the little floating fat fecker right between his eyes. Because if you don’t he’ll just force you down to Marks and Spencer’s to buy up one of their Valentines meal deal for 2. £60 and you get a rose too. Bargain.