Dear lord how did that happen? I forgot our birthday!

Indeed not the birthday of the origination on quiteenjoy but rather the turning tide when it moved from abandoned shed to tasty Blog-o-vision.

It was February 2010 when we first started posting on the quiteenjoy scatter board (when it was back on blogger not wordpress) and haven’t we grown since then. My stomach is massive now compared to back then.

Anyway as a special gift from me to you; have some words:

Fumblepot, rispador, titunatus, himraa.


Don’t say I never give you anything. Also if you have a quiteenjoy account- leave a comment on this post to get yourself some birthday points.


Happy 2 years of the 2nd generation quiteenjoy- may it continue for many more or until the hosting gets too pricy!

[Raises glass]