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KFC- and how to jump the que.

It’s the future folks. That’s right, the future.
Out on the motorway I find my desire for fried chicken goods and services increases by up to 87%. Imagine my glee then while on my five hour cross country trek we happened upon a service station that had a KFC.

Hozza, the gods are smiling.

Now as I make my approach to the counter I notice a fair few people between me and the promise of heartburn and self loathing. That’s when I noticed these two lonely “self order” stands. Apparently everyone has been scarred enough by the tesco self service checkouts to give these fast food equivalent a wide birth. I however was not to be deterred. I kid you not- in the time it took me to order, pay and collect- I had been served quicker than the person at the front of the que.

So why don’t we all use these? Simple. The British love to que. nothing will stop them. Although I’m British myself I find I’m more a fan of getting things quickly than I am of staring at the back of people’s heads.


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