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Meet your (MARIO) Maker

Anyone who played a Mario game back in the late 80’s early 90’s…hang on, just realised that I’m going to have to start stipulate the “19” before those numbers as we’re currently back in the 20’s…anyway, where was I? Oh yes- if you played a Mario game there was always that underlying thought….”what would my own MARIO game look like?” Well you know what, little Timmy, time to step up as uncle ninty has finally woken from it’s deep slumber and thrown you the box of tools to make your own Mario game.

But so what, I hear you cry (I’m always here if you need to talk about why you’re always crying by the way); it’s call Super Mario Maker…and they’ve made two of them.

Bowsers never again mentioned children are all back in action
Uncle ninty has handed us the final golden baton…lets not let them down

Correct, and you know what else? Shut your goddamn mouth, as tomorrow (correct at the time of posting but now out of date less than 24 hours later) , we are to receive the ultimate update to the second of the Mario Makers. I am of course talking about Course Maker. You heard me right. Fucking. Course. Maker. You can now make your own ENTIRE Mario game- 8 worlds and 40 courses…and you know what? I’m in. Totally in. Might take me a month or too but rest assured- super quiteenjoy world is coming- and I will be realising it here when it’s ready! Infact I’m going to start sharing some of my favoured courses / worlds as they come to me. So many that it may even spark a new site topic…or maybe I’ll disappear for another 4 years as soon as I’m allowed out of my front door again? Who knows? Not I, not you!


Brownmoore out.

Owner and lord high chancellor of the borough known as quiteenjoy. Loves fishing, hedge trimming, football and none of the above.

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