Dubious Listings

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Wow. See Saw has replaced it’s description of “The Apprentice” with the synopses of a porno. Skillz. 




Things worth knowing…
12 years ago

Things worth knowing…

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The summer is a letdown because you ask too much of it. Three consecutive days of clement weather is too much pressure to put on this country.

Watermelons are …
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Matters that don’t matter…

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I swore that if Brown, helped me out with some work then I would post a rant. I also said that it would be at least five hundred words too. …
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You’re forgiven

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Not being one for watching scheduled programming on TV it will come as no surprise that it has taken me until episode 3 to find this nugget of gold. …
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5PWMID Trailer

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Trailer for the upcoming quiteenjoy documentry on the comic strips “5 go mad in dorset”. Not everything went acording to plan- so we improvised.

Hold the Press!

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This is what is passing for news on the BBC’s website today. TV star Declan Donnelly was apparently out of the room when England scored it’s goal yesterday. Gripping …
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