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Matters that don’t matter…

I swore that if Brown, helped me out with some work then I would post a rant. I also said that it would be at least five hundred words too. One likes a challenge and all that, but I fear I may have spread myself a little thin with this one. This is mainly because I couldn’t think of a topic to focus this rant on. It’s not that I don’t have a plethora of shit to nark on about, because I do, but it is mainly trying to order these thoughts in my mind, by filtering them into a sort of ‘top five’ of all the things that get my goat.
I just can’t seem to bring anything to the front… and that is my brains fault. This all of a sudden forces a topic to mind.

My brain: What the fuck good is it actually doing me?

I have always had a complicated relationship with my brain, you see. The problems seems to lie in expecting too much of it, which it subsequently fails to deliver. While other times it is running in full motion when I am desperate to shut it off. The times when my brain is at its absolute best is not, as you’d expect after a good night’s sleep or a decent feed, but in fact my brain is at its optimum functionality when it is put under enormous stress or is trying to cope with an uncomfortable situation or any number of self-imposed socially nervous scenarios.

A prime example of this would be any unexplained tidal wave of regurgitated nonsense that seems to pour from my oral cavity the moment I find myself in uncomfortable circumstances. I will suddenly become aware that I have been talking with unchecked abandon for the best part of five minutes and nobody has had the heart to interrupt me.

This isn’t so much of a problem, when you compare it to the awful things my brain gets up to when boredom sets in.

I have, at times, allowed myself to roam freely through the many roads of my all too capable fantasy construction and have submerged myself to such an extent that when I suddenly and inexplicably snap from my mind’s inner Neverland, I am always shocked and a little upset to discover that I am actually not the High chancellor of the Dolphin People, and I can no longer oversee the battle of Biscuit Mound… subsequently, I can only assume that my army of Pop-Up Pirate’s wielding laser-knives have all disbanded and retreated to their homeland on the island of Guttenberg.

Allowing oneself to wallow in such a fashion can be doing no good for ones mental faculties.

I feel like I should be utilising my brain in far more meaningful tasks. The learning of a language perhaps, or maybe I could develop existing theories on scientific matters…

I’ll just ask this Dragon Pirate what he thinks…

Destroyer of baby monkeys and self-proclaimed number 2 in the quiteenjoy hierarchy.

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