That’s the sound it makes when you shout into the vast vacuous space that is Google +.

Google + is the Internet giants third attempt to break into the social media spotlight- and will it see success with this one? Maybe. By throwing Facebook and twitter they seem to be integrating micro blogging and network sharing all in one place. Not to bad an idea. What is a bad idea, for a social network at least, is to make it invite only! I ask you! It’s like holding an amazing party at the playboy mansion, locking the gates, giving three people Keys and hoping that they make copies for all their friends and convince them to cone along. And thanks to what I am calling “googles 3 key philosophy” I only have 3 friends on the thing. Not that I’m surprised- they did the same with gmail;
“Look at this amazing thing you can’t have yet!”. So I guess I’ll have to wait a bit to see how this one pans out. But with my 3 friends on Google+ vs my 300 on Facebook I know who’s winning.
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