Google + ing – is Google+ any good?
12 years ago

Google + ing – is Google+ any good?

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That’s the sound it makes when you shout into the vast vacuous space that is Google +.

Google + is the Internet giants third attempt to break into the …
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Matters that don’t matter…

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I swore that if Brown, helped me out with some work then I would post a rant. I also said that it would be at least five hundred words too. …
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Eaten by Pandas

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Occasionally people have really good Facebook status’. So good that I’m starting a thread on here just for them. Here is your starter for 10:

PLEASE put this as your …
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Slap in the Face (book)

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Following like sheep to a kebab shop; we’ve added some new social bits and bobs to quiteenjoy. First of all we’ve added Facebook integration to the bottom of all posts. …
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