Following like sheep to a kebab shop; we’ve added some new social bits and bobs to quiteenjoy.
First of all we’ve added Facebook integration to the bottom of all posts. So what does that mean for the common man? Well you can now comment in posts on the site using your Facebook profile. In addition to that- any post you do comment on can be instantly shared to your Facebook profile for discussion using the “post to Facebook” option. The conversation that then takes place on Facebook will be mirrored here on the site.
Secondly we’ve bowed down to a bit if google social integration. On the right hand Column (just above the quiteenjoy logo) there is now one if the google “+1” buttons. Not entirely sure what it does but I do know it doesn’t release a trapdoor into a pit of laser sharks – so it’s probably worth pressing. It doesn’t seem to appear in Internet explorer or the iOS devices yet but that’s googles problem, not mine! So come along and make use of all these shiny new things! They’ll make you super happy and 0.2 of every click gets donated to sad kittens. With your help we can have a fully smiling kitten by the end of 2035.