Worst thing ever

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Pretty sure that this review is describing a horrific event. Quite why it gets five stars after such a damning statement is a mystery to me. Maybe they are …
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Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony- London

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Last night I went along to Nintendo’s celebratory concert for Zelda’s 25th Birthday.

Was it good? No. It was better than that.

Anyone of you that has played a …
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A list of stupid things

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On my way home this evening I became amazed by the lack of common sense in London.

It is a stupid idea too..:

-Congregate, on mass and wait for your …
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The death of an iCon

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Regent street is in a somber mood this morning, still recouping after yesterday’s news that Steve Jobs had died.

To the man who gave us the very device that …
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Messed up Arkham city promotion

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A little quality control goes a long way. Take for example this stand for the upcoming batman game “Arkham City”. It seems someone was busy doing something else while this …
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The waiting game

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Im a gamer- quite an avid one, but that said I am still yet to find myself in a situation where I am tempted to do this. I am of …
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