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The waiting game

Im a gamer- quite an avid one, but that said I am still yet to find myself in a situation where I am tempted to do this. I am of course referring to the “midnight launch que.”
Whilst walking my merry way around Oxford street today I spied two fellows that had set up camp outside Game. Presumably they are awaiting the midnight release of FIFA 11, or they just needed a sit down and figured that was the best spot. Either way, it’s pretty redundant. This photo was taken at about mid day, so they still had a good 12 hour stint left to go. Would be funny if come midnight they were still the only two there. Everyone else of course doing the smart modern thing- pre ordering it online, recieve it, to your own door, a day before it’s actually released. That’s what a friend from work did, he’ll be playing it tonight. Right about the same time that these two are regretting not spending the extra £3 for a “delux padded folding chair” from Argos. Unlucky fellas.

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