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Quiteenjoy 3.0 – the seeds of change


And so it came to pass that the website known as quiteenjoy shed it’s skin…and there was much rejoicing.
Here at qe we don’t just write inane nonsense, oh no, we make inane videos too. After some thought on the matter (and a few whiskey’s) I decided that the videos were too hidden within the blog of the site. What with our upcoming projects it seemed a necessity to re-look at the design of the site and make it more video focused. So that’s what I’ve done- the new quiteenjoy went live yesterday evening.

What’s happened to the Blog?
It’s still here in all it’s glory (clearly- as this is a post on it) it’s right there on the navigation bar as “BLOG”.

There are lots of pictures on the home page
Yes there are aren’t there? Those are thumbnails for all our latest videos and blog posts in each category. If you want to see the entire category listing then click on the title above the thumbnail instead of the picture itself.

Have a play around and let me know how you get on. I do worry about you, you know.

Oh and if you find any bugs along the way, ignore them, they’re probably not life threatening.

Owner and lord high chancellor of the borough known as quiteenjoy. Loves fishing, hedge trimming, football and none of the above.

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