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Telling the kids how it is…

Congratulations are in order this week. Nothing Football related, mind. That whole event is happily passing me by unnoticed.

 No, praise is this week directed at an author who shares the same name as my cousin, which hopefully is just a coincidence, had he suddenly realigned his career trajectory into the world of children’s literature then I am sure I would’ve probably heard about it by now. I digress. Anyways, the work in question is the imaginatively titled ‘Never Smile at a Monkey: And 17 Other Important Things to Remember’ which has caught my attention this week, mainly due of course to its name and the slightly threatening cover art. I haven’t actually read it or anything, in fact; there is very little else I have to say about it other than well done to the author for successfully preempting what will undoubtedly be yet another brash fear to be instilled in the minds of the toddling generation. It  might not be ‘scary-ass lookin’ clown’ league, but it’ll certainly be up there. If you find both of these elements in the same circus ring next time they are touring your town, be sure to take your children ringside to test out the theory. If they get their eyes clawed out by the monkey then don’t blame me or my surname-sake for the trouble caused… you shouldn’t be gambling with your children’s’ lives for the sake of my morbid curiosity in the first place.

Destroyer of baby monkeys and self-proclaimed number 2 in the quiteenjoy hierarchy.

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