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The Funny Game of Podcasting

That’s twice- count it, I bet I’m right. Yep, see told you. Twice that the quiteenjoy podcast has disappeared from the iTunes store. I can only apologise to the subscribers of the old feed (hi Keith). I don’t need to explain my self but I will anyway. It all started when episode 10 got uploaded. If you were to download it using the iTunes store on a computer all was fine, and there was much rejoicing. It was when you tried to download it on an iOS device that it started to throw it’s toys around. It refused to download. Then other episodes followed in it’s wake. So I decided to scrap the whole thing and start again. I used to run the podcasts from a separate website (made on iWeb, because it’s easy – don’t judge me, I bet you pick your nose- and who’s king now?). In my wisdom, (because things go SOOO well when I do this) I’ve moved the feed to the main site.

If you’ve joined us at this point in the post for the facts; here they are:

The podcast will be back soon.
It will look and sound no different.
The English are coming.

That is all for now.


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