Monday, July 15, 2024
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The long and winding road…

Oh my word [press]

How long it has been since my thumbs have caressed this keypad with thoughts of mischievous and rampant blogging on my mind. I’ve been at the behest of an inferior iPhone application whose sole function (posting a blog) it was unable to fulfil. It has crippled me. Honest ‘guv. Of course, Mr. Brown would argue that I could have easily jumped onto a computer at any time and penned one there, and he’d be right in saying so; but when the whole point of convenience technology’s very existence is that I can execute a given task whilst riding the X6/frequenting the commode/awaiting sentencing, then why should I go back to what now seems like an outmoded… nay, proletarian way of sharing thoughts? Besides, in an age of such intense attention abandonment, by the time I have formed the thoughts in my head, translated them into words so ordered to constitute a blog post and also found a functioning computer; I have been distracted by something shiny and am now all of a sudden thinking not of posting on quiteenjoy, but what I would look like with Ziggy Stardust makeup and a green tuxedo on… or wether at some point in history, somebody actually has been built like a brick shit house and that is why the expression exists.
Anyway, returning to the point, I am glad that I have stood my ground and ignored the casually snide remarks my good friend occasionally laments about my being lazy/idle/a bastard, and so forth, as now I have a new BlogPress™ app in my life that will allow me to shush the ankle biting of partners who claim that 6.3% of a fifty-fifty input into a website isn’t really ‘sharing the workload’, and now (perhaps) I can start contributing to the quiteenjoy blog with a little more regularity.

Only time will tell, mind.

– Jenkins

Destroyer of baby monkeys and self-proclaimed number 2 in the quiteenjoy hierarchy.

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  1. Time will indeed tell my friend. That’s boosted you to a 4% by the way. Keep up the good work and the sharks shal be removed from your pond as agreed.

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