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The Secret is Out

Hmmm, so it seems I have an uncanny knack for seeing into the future. A few months ago I found myself downloading the first Final Fantasy game on the iPhone thinking to myself “gee” (I often think as a 1950’s American tv actor) “I’m only downloading this because secret of mana isn’t available, I bet it will be…one day…”. That day has arrived and the much beloved Action RPG has landed on the app store for all (iPhone owners) to enjoy! I have only played through the first half hour or so I don’t feel I can give it a full review but here a few points:
– the addition of inventory quick items are very welcome indeed.

– the game runs great and they’ve made a few graphical improvements (for example the water) without sacrificing the original feel of the game (which I feel would have lead to bigger riots than the student protests)

– the control scheme has been lifted directly from “dancing on ice” but due to legal reasons they have removed the judges scoring sessions when you move from one screen to the next.

– I died 7 times on the first boss… Who I can usually kill in under 30 seconds… Not looking good for boss 2 as revival items cost 1000 GP each and I currently have 70 GP…and I’m outside his door… Maybe he won’t notice me.

All in all I’m very proud to add this to my list of “games I already paid for 10 years ago but am doing so again because it’s smaller now”. It’s nice to fire this up when you’re on the bus, and fancy jabbing the guy sitting too close to you with your outstretched elbow as the hand at the end of it jabs furiously at a flat piece of glass pretending to be a controller.

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