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There is never an acceptable time to wear lace…

The only future worth imagining, after the disarmament process, once the last echoes of war have faded and we are all living in a Utopia of our own design, where children play freely without care and nobody reads the Daily Mail or ever mentions its existence; will be one where it is completely acceptable to where lace… in this future, Prince will return to our hearts as the true lord and sovereign of this now great Earth.
He really is the only one who could get away with throwing a little lace into the mix. Many others tried to follow of course, but all were slain. It looked awful. They knew it. Yes, they; your Boys of George, your Adams of Ants, your Flocks of Seagulls. Pitiful it was. All these pretenders to the lace’d crown. These Slacks of all Fades, These Plasters of Spun.
They almost ruined it for everyone. It was a darkened time, known to many only as ‘The 80’s’.
That time is past us now. It is but a memory associated with a great many remaining compilation CD’s every one of which has a Wham! record on it. This is a preservation technique, naively believed by George Michael to keep him alive in some small part beyond the years of his body, as a Horcrux, until one day he has gathered enough strength to return to us in a mightier form than his human host allowed, so that he might challenge Prince for the dominance of the earth.

Prince of course, would never allow this.

He wears lace.

Destroyer of baby monkeys and self-proclaimed number 2 in the quiteenjoy hierarchy.


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