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Tis the season

Q1 Games releases are rarely as exciting as what we have announced to arrive on shelves in the coming months. So excited was I in fact that I though at least three of them were worth mentioning.

Bioshock 2
Long have i loved it’s predecessors (Bioshock and System Shock 2) so its got pretty good odds of making my love it too. Due for release next week we will return to the under water f**ck storm known as rapture to put a few more holes in a few more splicers. Ace.

Fallout- New Vegas
This one seemed to creed up from nowhere. After playing Fallout 3 and all its subsequent add-ons to death I am very excited to see this little gem rise up out of the dessert sand. Shame it won’t have megaton in this one…though on my game of Fallout 3 Megaton isn’t there either…thanks Mr.Burke. The trailer seems to show Las Vegas in the distance still relatively in tact with all its neon glory still burning that ever so tasteful rainbow into the night sky. have a look for yourself:

Sonic 4
As the trailer says itself- the good sonic games stopped in the 90’s. So with this latest announcement from Sega we can get excited- with a fairly hefty dose of scepticism on our side as well. Sonic as we know and love him (in 2d) is coming back for another numbered episode- hard to believe that we really are only up to 4! As much as I am looking forward to it I can’t help but notice the little “Episode 1” under the logo…come on now- all or nothing people, don’t you dare think you can release a new sonic game in chunks of 5 or so levels because people will gather on mass to burn your house…

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