This is a primary example of what is wrong with humans having free will.

I’m not saying I don’t want it; because without it, I would’ve made some far more sensible choices and wouldn’t have had half as much fun. However; there should probably have been a quick test before dishing it out to everyone, just to make sure you qualify. They make people do it with driving, space exploration, police enlistment, life-guarding, and so on, so why not give a quick ‘once over’ of every potential life just before it is created in order to establish whether or not that person is going to use their free will wisely, or perhaps if a more suitable candidate would be worth a shot?

Also, I don’t know who I am angrier with: The couple themselves for considering this an acceptable attire to wear of a Saturday afternoon whilst shopping in IKEA and polluting my vision with such horrors, or the shopkeeper in the ‘alpaca wool atrocities’ store, who deemed this double purchase to be nothing more than a cute, ‘coupley’, irreverent sale that would never be subjected by passersby as any kind of gargantuan eye rape whatsoever.

On this occasion I think I will permit myself to be equally annoyed with all parties concerned, as well as a trifle peeved with IKEA for allowing those two people into their stores. I know this was in Coventry and all, but please, show a little respect.

– Jenkins