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Every once in a while over here at quiteenjoy, we get a little excited about something. It could be a live bee in a bag of salad (less than positive excitement), a picture of a duck wearing a bowler hat (more overwhelmingly joyous than you could possibly imagine), perhaps even a five pence piece on the floor outside the office (invariably glued down so that we can’t retrieve it).
However, all of these things can be surpassed in an instant when something of genuine, raw, outstanding beauty is dropped in our laps…

…and today, that happened.

I invite you to view this truly spectacular and heart-wrenchingly emotive video piece by a man I so desperately wish actually was related to me… but sadly, isn’t. Tom Jenkins who is the (deep breath) Producer, Animator, Cameraman, Lighting Operator, Editor and Grader (phew) of this wonderful stop-motion animation, is also co-founder and creative director of The Theory. These guys have an impressive body of work on display where commercial and corporate ventures are concerened, but if this film is anything to go by; they have a deservedly bright future ahead of them. It may very well turn out to be my favourite short film of the year… and, yes, that includes ours.


Destroyer of baby monkeys and self-proclaimed number 2 in the quiteenjoy hierarchy.

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