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Busy day…

It really has turned into of them today, you know. For today, alas, is transfer day. Transfer day is an evil entirely of my own creation which involves the cleaning up of an entire months worth of my own self-perpetuated downright idleness as well as my corner-cutting and frankly bolshie working methods, so that it may in fact appear that I am a perfectionist within my organisation with the calm, ordered work ethos of a temple of Buddhist Telecine Operators with impeccable digital transfer practices.

So what’s it all about? I here you (me) ask…

Well, over the course of the working month, I am handed a devilishly obscene amount of film materials in various guises and with an ever expanding array of format and delivery requests to fill, the side of me that is prone to OCD and banal organisation of every little thing is pushed violently into a corner and told to shut the fuck up for a while because shit needs to get done and there just simply isn’t time for paperwork/database entries/correct titling/folder designation/blinking/eating/breathing, and so forth.

So what basically happens is that like an untreated fungal infection that has been left to sustain itself on the dark sweaty goodness of your oldest pairs of socks; the 2.73TB of archive footage that has been digitised, dumped into one folder (and named in a way that at each time of entry was considered suitable enough to trigger memory when ‘transfer day’ arrives) and left to wallow, unorganised, amongst its peers, suddenly stares up at you in a manner that usually implies “You’re blatantly going to miss your last bus home tonight, pal”. And so far, on every occasion, it has been right.

However, today is different. Today is special. Today… I’m doing things differently.

I won’t go into details at this early stage, because it might not work, but if everything goes the way I plan it to; I will be on the 18:30 bus home and in my pants by 19:00.

Will keep you posted.


– Jenkins


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