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I’m on holiday! So apologies for the lack of activity- but here is a shirt spot of musing from the shores of Manly, Australia.

This is January.
Look at it. This is my very view as I write this post. When I left the UK not less than 5 days ago I was being rained on as I complained about the 1 degree temperature. Now I sit here on the beach at Manly thinking about going to get an ice cream. Funny how your priorities change.

Yesterday, here on the sunny shores of OZ (no wizards), was austrailia day. A whole day devoted to wiping out the indigenous population and building a Westfield. I’m not pointing blame here, I mean after all it was all essentially OUR fault. Anyway it was lovely – they set fire to things. Fireworks they are called and very good fun they were too. I spent my time looking at the festivities from a boat. Also very different from the trip to the shops I would be taking, on my own, in the rain, on foot. I’ve been in Sydney here for a few days now and can say only this…


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