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Enough to make your mind bleed

The creation of the universe, the existance of god, what are the 11
secret herbs and spices? These are just some of the many mysterys if
the world that people have pondered over for eons. One that I myself
am pondering over is this abomination; Star wars the musical. Now I
don't know if I saw a diffident version of star wars to everyone else
(what with there being about 34 diffident versions I admit that is
completely possible) but I dot remember any event in star wars being
that musically driven. With the likes of lion king and other films
being converted to a stage musical I guess it was only a matter o time
until big George took a look at the stage and said- "I haven't raped
that yet, I shall being the world of star wars to the stage, as it was
always ment to be seen- in song!". I shudder to think of the thought
of him adding lyrics to the imprial march- or witnessing the R2D2
dancing midgets. Alas we can be sure of this- it will most likely be 2
hours of watching depressed teenagers, destroying their dreams,
dancing around infront of various shades if green backdrops. Of course
Lucus hasn't realised that chroma keying cannot be done in the eye if
the audience.

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