As part of an experiment as much as anything else I am typing this update on the iPad. So far I have managed to hit the shift key three times and replace all punctuation marks with commas. Oh and I spelt punctuation wrong aswell it seems but the iPad, being the canny little hinge that it is replaced it for me without me even noticing. I only know that it has done so as I spell mine with three “u”‘s. Apart from that it seems to be holing up pretty well. I have the habit of typing faster than my mind can actually think and it seems to be keeping up with that pace aswell-correcting each horrendous spelling mistake as I go. not having a keyboard with keys the size of a gnats nipple (like it’s midget brother-iPhone) didn’t seem to make the tying experience any different from tapping on glass- like a stalker at the window of the popular girl in school…what?

image from these lovely people