Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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As part of an experiment as much as anything else I am typing this update on the iPad. So far I have managed to hit the shift key three times and replace all punctuation marks with commas. Oh and I spelt punctuation wrong aswell it seems but the iPad, being the canny little hinge that it is replaced it for me without me even noticing. I only know that it has done so as I spell mine with three “u”‘s. Apart from that it seems to be holing up pretty well. I have the habit of typing faster than my mind can actually think and it seems to be keeping up with that pace aswell-correcting each horrendous spelling mistake as I go. not having a keyboard with keys the size of a gnats nipple (like it’s midget brother-iPhone) didn’t seem to make the tying experience any different from tapping on glass- like a stalker at the window of the popular girl in school…what?

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  1. Can I just ask, is the ipad a “canny little hinge” or was that meant to be “thing”? and is it “holing up” or “holding up”? It has also missed you ‘ in gnats. I don’t want to rain on the ipad parade, it sounds super and i did have a play on one t’other night when i started quizzing a guy on the tram about his. However, just remember that it is still just a computer and can’t proof read for sense, yet. It can only follow the rules of spelling and grammar it has been programmed with. Poor spelling is one of my pet peeves. . . .That and the fact that my iphone keeps making me sign emails Day. Smug git.

    • I am a firm believer in laziness. So much so it has become something of a religion to me. Therefore you will find my posts riddled with odd words and spelling mistakes – most of them interpreted by the device I write them on. This comment is written on iPhone so I far say that it will want to drop a few “fir”s where I intend there to be a “for”. Never the less until I gain the ability to write fluently in binary I will let it have it’s way. Either that or check through my posts when I’m done writing them…but where’s the fun in that? Also, yes, it is a canny little hinge. It’s holding my bathroom door on as I type.

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