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I do not accept anything you have to tell me…

It seems medical practitioners have had it wrong all these years. Say goodbye to hospitals and doctors, just tap yourself better. Does this work in increments though? So this woman talks about tapping a headache away, so does that mean that someone with asthma needs a slap? If so does that mean someone with a missing limb needs a smack in the face? I can’t see anything wrong in this thinking at all. Flawless.

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  1. When at 0:52 she says “This throbbing pain” whilst jabbing her upper lip; why do I almost instantly want to inflict some actual throbbing pain onto the exact area she is pointing to? Is that a subliminal thing? Is that what she wants me to do? Is she basically asking me to punch her in the face? Is that what you want? Huh? ANSWER ME! DO YOU?

    [panting, sweating slightly]

    Damn. Medicine confuses me. I’m going to go lie down a while and plan my next moves.

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