This is the first time I’ve so much as sniffed at a little big planet game on the PS3 – although I had the PSP one for a while I don’t feel it’s a fair comparison. This game is literally the embodiment of the word “amazing”. It looks like it’s made for a 3 year old with ADHD but scratch a little deeper and you’ll find John Cleese and Stephen Fry – assuring you that everything is fine, so long as you avoid the electric floor and sharp things.

With the four or so objects that were open to me at the start of the game I customised my guy into the king of kings:-

Tommy Wiseau! Ok so he doesn’t have any pants on and his nose has gone missing – other than that, uncanny resemblance. Even the acting is spot on.

Since I only have the game at work it’s hard to get any real time on it but what I’ve played so far- and am playing right now, I’m certainly a fan. I’m even playing two player here which allows me to drag my friend around the level against his will and grapple off the end of him like a needy child hanging on the apron strings of his mother. Feed me.