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That syncing feeling.

iCloud is great isn’t it? I mean really when you think about it we expect a great deal from all these services and I cloud delivers. Take a photo- BANG! It’s on your comparable iCloud devices etc (BANG being the international symbolism for instantaneous transfer not, as it was largely considered in the 40’s, a huge explosion). Well I’ve had no problems to report…until now.

See this?


That there is my iPhone version of pages. Something I use quite a lot, usually when I’m on the tube on the way to work to write my latest post or review before uploading them at the other end of the journey. There was a small problem this morning however. Notice that loverly greyed out look my documents now have? And that empty loading bar? Well that my friends is iCloud at work. Somewhere along the road it’s decided that it’s going to sync my documents with its server…and that it’s going to do it forever. No joke I sat the entire bus ride of 20 minuets and none of those bars moved. It didn’t even have to decency to tell me it was doing anything! I wouldn’t mind but those documents WERE already in my iPhone before it decided to take them offline. Well it’s just lucky I don’t have any big nearing with those files today because I think I could consider my ass fired. It does open up a new avenue of excuses for school kids though;
“why is your homework late, Timmy?”
“It’s syncing with iCloud, miss”

“…best put on some coffee Timmy”
“Miss, I don’t drink co…”

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