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The Legend Of Zelda – Ocarina of Time playthrough

What seems like many moons ago (although realistically it’s was probably about a year ago) our little gaming group did an all night play through of one of my most treasured games. Clue is in the post title there. Now since we’re all stuck in the Lockdown (kids of 2025 onwards may need to google this one. Look up “2020” and “shitstorm” and you’ll get what you need in terms of background) we’ve decided it’s about time we smashed our time of completion. Last year we completed the game in just over 19 hours…can we do it quicker than that? Well here’s hoping….I’m old and get tired easily these days. Plus I’ve got a consistent wheeze…and I’ve forgotten where I live.

Progress updates as they come as it kicks off on Friday!

IT IS DONE! Drum roll please…

Ocarina of Time Playthrough 24/04/20

FINAL TIME: 12 Hours 30 Minuits

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