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Tone-less (updated)

So, Ant has decided to embark upon an introductory music listening quest of sorts (as explained two articles down) and has asked me to provide him with an album a week from a band, solo-artist or producer of my choice, each week for 26 weeks correlating with each member of the alphabet. Kicking of this week is our favourite alphabet starter, your friend and mine; the letter ‘A’

So, taking Anthony straight into a place far removed from his musical comfort zone; I have submitted ARCADE FIRE and their first album ‘Funeral‘ which is a personal favourite of mine. In fact, it goes without saying that each album that I recommend to Mr. Brown, will be one that is particularly close to my heart. That being said, I am prepared for the heartache of knowing that my friend might of course not like my choosing, he may even hate it, and then he might just write horrible things about the music and then in turn about me for forcing him to listen to such unlistenable-indie-toss.

We’ll see how that goes, I guess. Keep checking back for the musical critique stylings of Mr. Brown and his review of Arcade Fire’s ‘Funeral’

– Jenkins

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