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Tone-less Week#1


The Arcade Fire




Neighborhood#1 (Tunnels)


Looking at the track listing there seems to be a lot of these “Neighborhood) tracks. As i have no idea as to what they refer I shall ignore them as only an ignorant English man can and assume that the part in brackets should be the actual track title. As a starter for 10 its not half bad. Nice beat with a good build. Seems to house the number one problem I have with music- not being able to understand a damn word in the song. They may as well be moaning “cats on fire” at various pitches and tempos and I’d be none the wiser. Still, nice tune carries it though- anyone finds and instrumental version give me a nod and I’ll give it a 9/10.


Neighborhood#2 (Laika)


“Second verse same as the first”. Again must be in Russian as I don’t understand a word of it- apart from someone telling “Alex that he can do It”. As much as I firmly believe in “Alex” and his ability to “do it” I could have sworn the track title was “Laika”..where’s he/she then? Is she the one controlling the choir of drowning cats in the background. Beats are good though- theres a tune behind that curtain of noise somewhere.



Une Année Sans Lumière


You know I could go on forever about how i can’t understand them so lets just take that as a given until I announce otherwise. Got to hand it to them the tune is solid- as with the other two. This is more relaxed- something you’d laze outside on a sunny day listening to, thinking how great it is to have legs…or similar thoughts. Reminds me a little bit of the Smiths…but that could be because i have jam in my ears… and a broken CD player.

Hold the phone- someones let the guitarist out of the shackles of repression, he decides to spark up at the end of the tune completely altering it’s tone. I can accept that…But I don’t care for it. Back in your cage boy, I was enjoying my thoughts.



Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)


Well well…I hate to throw Linken Park allegations at anyone…so i wont. A heavier outing in this track. Kind of sounds like some one threw extra instruments at Kings of Leon. Not bad though. I actually managed to hear “Power out” somewhere in the dark so at least we’ve got an association with the track name in this one. Kudos. I picture myself in an over thought out dance hall in some hollywood film when I’m listening it it. Could be because it has that kind of beat thats usually heard if you strip a tune of all its Mid tones- or it could be because I see Green and blue flashing lights. Both concern me.



Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)


Starts well with the classic “Fret slip” as i call it- when you can hear the guitarist change chords. Love a bit of that- feels more real. A more melodic feel- something that wouldn’t be out of place in an indie film about love and beaches. No mention of Kettles (only slight hints at watched pots never boiling) but still- none to shabby. Like it.


Crown Of Love


We have a winner! Well in terms of I can understand most of the lyrics! It really does add something you know. Not hearing what they’re saying is like watching couples on Trisha- you know they must understand each other, but to you they are just an irritating waste of skin and teeth that should be locked in a box. Wouldn’t recommend this one if you’ve just broken up with someone and are feeling a little on edge. It will likely pick you up in it’s thin whispery arms and drop you firmly over the side, replacing any jagged rocks at the bottom with spikes made of marble. That is until it goes all disco at the end. Then you can just bob and forget the cliff was even there.



Wake Up


Roll Credits. There has to be at least one track on most albums that can be described as their “Movie credits” one. Tough one to pick the film it would run at the end of. I can’t see it on Saving private Ryan but it could fit Armageddon. Not bad. Bit shouty in parts, but who cares; If all you are doing is looking at squillions of names whizzing past- thinking who came up with the term “best boy” and was he actually any good?  Favorite so far.





Very dreamy. Its been playing in the background and I forgot what I was supposed to be doing. If there was a soundtrack to my Brain then this may well come close. It blended so seamlessly into my own inherent “Brain On Hold” music that I hardly noticed it playing. When i did eventually smack myself out of my music educed coma I enjoyed what I heard. But by then I was already into the next track…


Rebellion (Lies)


Slight criticism; one sentence does not a chorus make. As lovely as the statements “every time you close your eyes” and “underneath the covers” are, the repetition makes them sound similar to a nematic drill sparking up at 5AM after a victory over a rather vicious case of insomnia 10 minutes previously. Next.



In The Back Seat


Is it telling that I pre-judged the content of this song? “Sleeping in my car” by Roxette came immediately to mind. I must say I judged wrong. I have no idea what it’s about but its nice. The female vocal lead knows he stuff- still cant talk in English though but I’ve long since let that slide in this album. Swelling strings will take you back to your garden thinking about legs again, but this time it’s probably in the rain…in slow motion…with something aflame in the background. Lovely tune this one. Guitarists get a bit keen now and then but hey, you’ve payed them and made them come to practice- may as well use them eh?




Album Sum Up


The term “Mixed bag” is batted around far to readily and seems like a cheap way out…but I’m all for saving pennies so thats exactly what I’ll call this album. Or varied. Yes, I prefer varied.




: It’s not one of those albums where all the tracks sound like the same one split with chapter markers and a bit of a pause.


: Great backing tunes, Heavy and light catered for.




: Could only understand about 10 words in the whole albums lyrics. That is the equivalent to a Spot the dog: lift the flaps book. In fact that may be the lyric sheet.



7 / 10

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