Nothing to concern yourself with but I thought I’d say it anyway. Due to the fact that I’ve had so many issues with our server of late (so much so that if it was in the same room as me and wasn’t based in Sweden I would have set fire to it by now. Fact.) I’ve decided to shift. And shift I did. No longer just we are also So the only thing that should be noticeable is that the site is now A LOT faster. And by faster I mean it loads before the week is out. There’s also a new chat thingie worth mentioning- you’ll find it on most screens of quiteenjoy except for the forums. Have a chat. It’ll even still be there if you leave the site and come back. Isn’t that tasty? So if you’re talking about someone behind their back- they can read about it in the chat long after you’re gone. Huzzah.