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It appears that once again advertising h…

It appears that once again advertising has found its rhythm. Focal trends in the delivery and packaging of this medium are often dipped in and out of, with classics like sexual enticement, success, beautification and other archetypes of our weakness and vanities are all catered for.

There is a heck of a lot gender-bias involved in advertising. Women’s adverts have soft light, floral suggestions, empowerment, confidence, and some bird dipping her hair in a mountain stream first thing in the morning (like she’s then going to have time to travel back, change and catch the tube)

Men’s advertising is simple, brutal, up-front and without much nonsense: buy this thing here or you’re a massive screaming wet jessy. Old Spice have coined this little gem. Once again proving that the best way to target a man is to just smack him in the face with a steaming bag of masculine nonsense and he’ll lick it up like a testosterone-oiled kitten in hammock full of pilchards.

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