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Lies in writing.

Why call it an all day breakfast when clearly it isn’t? We won’t think any less of you for advertising it as simply “breakfast”. Now however we see you for the liars you are…and we presume what you call “bacon” is not. And your sausages are mashed up wasps.

Owner and lord high chancellor of the borough known as quiteenjoy. Loves fishing, hedge trimming, football and none of the above.


  1. I appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to the false advertising regarding the “All Day Breakfast”, and I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not trying to be a douche, but I have to chuckle a little about your pretense at culinary expertise. You are British right? How on earth would you know if the bacon was even a pork product? Shit, was that too harsh?

  2. Do you doubt the quality of our food here in Britain? Well next time are this side of the pond then allow me to furnish you with a “Proper” British Breakfast. Do you prefer your Sausages with the scales still on or not? Some can be funny about the teeth too- but they can easy be picked out of the beans.

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