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Sacrificing Blood for points…

By far the craziest thing I have seen today (Being that I’m writing this at 9:12 AM today still has a lot to live up to) award goes to this little gem of a DS game.

It has to be seen to be believed. It’s a game that tests your blood for diabetes. 
Well more accurately it is a device that tests your blood glucose levels which 
then plugs into a DS that is connected to a game. 
Marketed, I’m presuming, as an incentive for kids to test themselves often 
with the promise of reward. Can this work? I’m putting myself into the mind 
of my self at the target age. I would cheat – surely the more blood the more 
points right? So combine a pencil sharpener blade and a pint glass and you have 
soon to have your grand champion with a total of 200,0000 points. Sure I now
need medical attention and can no loner stand un-aided but check those points! 
Beaten only by Jimmy Carter who gets regular nose bleeds.
Can’t wait to see what they do with the pregnancy test version of this. Idiots.


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  1. Hmmm I have to say that i think this is a good idea actually. I mean, if a child has diabetes and has to check their glucose levels every day then it's kind of nice to make it a bit more fun. Plus it will make them feel special because they can play a game that their friends can't, though i doubt that will compensate for not being allowed a goody bag full of sugary sweets at the end of a birthday party!I have consulted my 10 year old niece on this and she says it's a good idea and has even asked whether the number of points rewarded is influenced by the glucose levels (which would be a good idea because then kids would be rewarded for keeping them in check). She did however, say that whilst the idea was good, the game itself looked pretty lame!

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