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Signs you don’t see every day

I’m not entirely sure these guys have thought out their business strategy. Or maybe they have? Either way I’m fairly sure that advertising the fact that you shoot children is a very unwise legal move. Pretty sure it’s still looked on unfavourably by the law. Unless I’ve mid-read this? No…impossible.


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  1. presumably the dog bowl is there to keep the dog busy to map sure it too doesn’t accidentally get shot! Love that the brand name for these ‘mercy killers’ is called Bang-Wallop – You can always remember the name when you think back to the noises made as the gun goes off and the body hits the floor 🙂

  2. I believe this is known colloquially as ‘hiding in plain sight’ – see, nobody would suspect a murderer to be holding a sign that says ‘It is me… I am the murderer’, likewise, when law enforcement officers and the associated press get wind of a mass shooting targeting the under-9’s, the last place they will look is bangwallop… they’ll book their own grandma’s before twigging onto this lot.

    Clever, really.

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