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Your dress is inappropriate

I understand the pressures that Ad agency’s are under to be fresh, cutting edge and attention grabbing. It’s a hard world out there competing for people’s attention; like a spoilt child shouting “mummy look at me!” as they empty your purse into the washing machine and set it on a 120 minuet cycle- hot wash. So spare a thought for the poor saps that put this particular number together. The brief? Advertise a dry cleaning service. The method? Well why not show some lady of the night returning from some sordid evening working as a call girl for some gentry; trying to erase the memories of nights past by giving her…coat (-presumably, as she seems to be wearing everything else) a good quality, affordable priced, wash. Either that or she’s wandered in off the street, blind drunk, and just found a washing machine to prop her up. “Bar keep- another pack of that fizzing stuff!”20140624-123124-45084168.jpg

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