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Comprehension of the modern age

I’d like you, dear reader, to take a moment to appreciate the true magnificence of what I am about to tell you. This is a tale of art, friendship and sharing in the modern age.
Last night, as I was pre-occupied with eating and psyching myself up for the glory of BTTF on the big screen, I took a moment to contact my friend mr Jenkins. As usually occurs, out and about in London, I saw a sight that needed to be shared with him. This was that image:

It was of a well dressed lady who was kindly offering shots to a table of fine upstanding gentlemen on the table opposite. I decided to share it as it is not every day that you see a woman wearing shoes that are brighter than the light sources in the room. Moments later I received a reply from Mr. Jenkins. This was his reply:

The artistic rendition of an utterly convincing dinosaur had been added. This blew my mind. not only was that dinosaur NOT there in the picture I had taken, but have in fact been extinct for more than a few years. Whilst I composed myself and pondered on how such an marvel had been accomplished; I stumbled upon another sight which I felt needed sharing. this was that sight:

This I thought to be a fabulous mixing and wondered why most bars in town do not offer such a combo. Once again I sent the picture to Mr. Jenkins. After I switched my phone back on after the film I got a reply. This was it:

I stared in complete bewilderment at the fact that not only had Mr. Jenkins been out that night as well and had spotted a place with almost identical signage, but that the title of the place he found was more obscure than my original. That, and the fact that all of our correspondence that evening had been completed without the aid of the post office or carrier pigeons, left my head with a rather sore feeling. I went to bed.

Take a moment to track through this chain of events and put yourself into the shoes of someone from the 1900’s. You would have the two of us stoned as witches.

So the next time your iPhone drops a call, or your 4.3 GB HD movie hasn’t downloaded in the 20 minuets that was originally promised, or you don’t get a signal in the middle of a swamp- just take a second…and shut up. The world we live in today is amazing.

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