Original Box art for the game

With the nintendo’s launch of the 3DS now somewhat of a distant memory its amazing to think that they have only JUST added the most interesting part of the consoles features.

The “eshop” launched earlier this week with a free copy of Excitebike to distract you from the fact that they waited months to release the ruddy thing. A nice touch that it has been re-done in 3D as part of their “3D Classics” range as well so not bad nintendo, not bad.
The real pay off is, however, more to do with the 25th Anniversary of the Legend of Zelda (my all time favourite game franchise by the way). My childhood memories of school holidays always seem to co-incide with a Zelda game. One of my fondest remembered was “Links Awakening” on the Game Boy. I can remember sitting in the garage and playing the ever loving stuffing out of that game every day. Well Nintendo pokes a red hot needle into my Achilles Retro heel once more and launches it on the 3DS eshop- as part of the celebration of the 25 years that we have been guiding an elf, in green pyjamas, around a field hunting pigs (Probably the most unfair sum up of Zelda ever right there). Of course it stands to reason that they have launched the DX version of the game which came out in 1999 on the Gameboy Colour. Its got an extra dungeon and a different coloured tunic- more than enough reason for a whole new game there if you ask me. I have no problem paying whatever nintendo’s money dragons decided they want for this – which as it turns out is just a bit below £6. Although, now I come to think of it, I do remember picking up the cartridge version of Zelda DX in Dixons for 50p….I think i’ve been virtually Done over haven’t I?

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